Slim PM

Iaso Slim PM

Night Time Sleep Aid And Dietary Supplement The First Complete Fat Burning L-ARGININE In The Known Universe. We Call It Slim PM Because You Can Burn Fat While You Sleep.


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Using Slim PM:

Easy to use! Mix a tablespoon of cold water on an empty stomach. (No food for 2 hours before going to bed). Enjoy a delicious taste Frappuccino before going to bed !!


Slim PM benefits:

  • Burn fat, lose weight
  • Clean out arteries
  • High in antioxidants
  • It increases blood flow
  • Increases endothelial cell integrity
  • It helps you recover more quickly from exercise by increasing blood flow to important parts of your body
  • Help stimulation of the pituitary gland hypothalamus. As a result, regulates leptin levels
  • Down-regulation of cortisol (often caused by stress)
  • Control insulin levels
  • It is anti-aging within your body


Facts for Slim PM:

Reduces inflammation in the body (most of the diseases of the 21st century may be associated with inflammation. Including the premature aging disease. In fact greatly contributes to deterioration by what has been dubbed “inflammaging”
How is it different from all the weight loss products L-arginine OTHER SlimPM in the market?


Slim PM contains critical components that other brands do not have:

  • Prolongs product efficiency
  • Additional components to work double duty King
  • Added something dynamic and unique to the formulation that no other product has
  • SlimPM is the FIRST COMPLETE Fat Burning L-Arginine in the whole Universe


Beneficial ingredients Slim PM:

  • L-Arganine – as an essential amino acid that improves muscle strength, increases libido, protects the heart, causes the protein synthesis and may have an important role in the recovery and wound healing
  • L-Citrulline – a nonessential amino acid that improves the process of recycling of ammonia and nitric oxide metabolism
  • Curcumin – an antioxidant for free radical scavenging and, as a powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Banaba leaf extract – for cell integrity and faster repair of damaged endothelial cells
  • Niacin – for help in removing plaque from arteries
  • BCAA – to recover faster after exercise
  • Rhodiola Rosea – can be effective in improving mood and relieve depression
  • Decaffeinated Coffee – turbo charging regulating leptin levels

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