Iaso Chaga

Iaso Chaga


About Chaga Mushroom (Iaso Chaga):

Chaga mushroom is also known as Inototus Obliquus. This parasitic fungus lives on birch trees and while it is a parasitic fungus, it’s also very giving, too. It doesn’t look like a mushroom and resembles charcoal but what it can do for people is increasingly being researched. Siberian Chaga mushrooms tend to be in the highest demand due to their potency.

Adding medicinal foods to your daily routine plan can be a holistic approach for boosting general health and speeding up your natural recovery process. These foods are called super foods which are loaded with nutrients and health friendly ingredients. Chaga Mushroom is one natural food that offers multiple benefits for its consumers.

Antioxidant value of a food is measured by its ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) as designed by USDA and it counts the free oxygen radicals a supplement or food can absorb in the body of its consumers. Research has shown that Chaga has the highest value of ORAC in comparison to other super foods like acai berry, cacao, Goji berry, purple cabbage, pomegranate, blueberry, and raisins. Food with high value of ORAC protects us from degeneration and diseases. Chaga extract is a powerful source of antioxidant action.

Antioxidants are very important disease fighting compounds that fight and prevent the oxidation process that cause damage to many cells in our body. Eat variety of fruit and vegetables that are high in antioxidants regularly. One great source is the chaga mushroom. They are proven to be very potent antioxidants that fight free radicals and known for its anti tumor and immune stimulating benefits. This can be taken in form of tea or supplement and can greatly boost our immunity against chronic illnesses including cancer.

Cancer Fighting and Preventative Compounds:
Increasing attention to Chaga’s Cancer fighting abilities, especially with breast cancer and lung cancer is regularly discussed in medical forums, books, and in research labs. It’s a hot topic. Many say that they have seen evidence that Chaga can fight cancer and can prevent cancer as well. Those who are undergoing Cancer treatment are faring better with the use of Chaga to help them get through aggressive treatment and radiation sickness. It has shown promise in terms of preventing tumors and in helping to shrink tumors and cancerous cells. Much research is still being done in the Western part of the world but Chaga was approved for use in Cancer treatment in Moscow in 1955.

Chaga extract has an overall tonic and rejuvenating effect besides helping in a number of medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, immune disorders, obesity, diabetes and allergies, to name only a few of its wide ranging benefits. You will be getting a lot of antioxidants, you’ll boost your immune system, and many people report feeling much more mental clarity and energy. This mushroom has been an elixir in many countries of the world for several generations and has a long list of potential benefits for specific illnesses and conditions.

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